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ship island / horn island

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looking to get there from lake pontchatrain I can eaisyly trailer the boat to Biloxi and launch it there,but would like to try and go by boat haven't ventured to try it. any feedback helps, I am getting a lowrance fishfinder /gps chart plotter. it should get me there.

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No need but it's ok if you want. You just follow the channel out of Biloxi and you will almost hit Horn Island (Literally). The channel comes with in 30 feet or so of Horn Island. To get to ship island, just head due West from Horn Island. You'll see it almost immediately. NOTE: I'd suggest a chart plotter if you're going South of those Islands. If not, just stay in the channel coming back and boom. 

Trying from Pontchatrain, I'd do the Island hop from Cat Island to Ship Island to Horn Island all while staying North of those Islands. There is a bouy system you can follow out of Pontchatrain over to Pascagoula that is just North of the Islands. If your boat is fast and the seas calm it'd be a quick trip. Just take a look at a chart and you'll see it. So it's possible to dead reckon the route but I'd throw in some way points on a gps off of the Charts and make it easier just in case. If seas do turn bad tho on your journey, a West to East route sucks on a small boat. I'd turn into either Bay St Louis / Gulfport / Biloxi to take shelter. 

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