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Winterizing volvo 4.3gxi-j

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Hey all,

I purchased my first boat this past Aug, a 2008 290 signature with twin volvo 4.3gxi-j.

I had never winterized a boat before today, and a friend (who used to be a marine mechanic) came to help. He proceeded to remove all the intake hoses etc and pour anti freeze through them until it came out the other end of their respective drains.

In theory after all this has been done, the engines should be empty of water correct? Will water still remain in the thermostats or should they have drained when we pulled off the intake hoses?

Secondly, could I have just pumped antifreeze through the flushing system equipped on the engines? If so, should I still do that? And if so, do I run the engines to circulate the antifreeze?

Thanks in advance,


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Welcome, There are many post on this forum that will help you. Go to the search in the upper right hand corner, pick forums and search.

If you keep your boat in Canada during the winter make sure you do the job correctly, new engine blocks cost lots of $$$$$

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