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4.3gxi-j drain plugs

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Hey all,

Doing my first winterizing on twin gxi's. I located 4 drain plugs on starboard engine and 3 on port side (+ a hose from hot water tank in place of 4th plug).

Anyone know if there are any others?

Also does anyone know where I can get a factory service manual specifically for '08 gxi-j's? I phoned volvo but they dont have them.



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You can download some operator manuals as a pdf, and order some printed service manuals from Volvo Penta ...

Start here and see what is available free as a download pdf, have your engine's s/n handy: http://www.volvopenta.com/volvopenta/na/en-us/marine_leisure_engines/out_of_production_engines/Pages/out_of_production_engines.aspx

All other service manuals can be ordered from here but the fulfillment takes time ... http://volvopenta.store.elanders.com/

Hope this helps ...

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