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What Cruiser Would You Buy?

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Are you angry yet, @Exoset?  Can you believe this guy -- all be it he is a really hard worker and owns a huge body shop that took him many years to bring up to where it is now w I think a $100,000 paint spray booth and he and all his guys do very nice work -- but still is buying a friggin AZIMUT!!  Come on man, get angry with me dammit! lol

I know what, I'll take some pics when I'm on it and I'll tag you then you'll get really angry!! :D 

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On 11/18/2014 at 11:12 AM, Big Fun said:

Prepare your wallet for a sudden loss of $$$$$$ if you move up to the bigger cruisers. I had a 35' Bertram, great boat and those Cat diesels are the real deal, but nothing cheap about the upkeep, fuel and repair parts.

Bertram, nice boat.


Love the Cats!

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14 hours ago, cyclops2 said:

My favorite cruiser is a Aegis class.     :pirate:

I'll take that and raise you one with the Zumwalt.

See the source image
Although I'm not sure it has a swim platform loool, maybe a helicopter pad but who needs that?!?!?!  And the rest of the navigation and operational systems wold take months if not years to learn how to operate so I'll stick with my Chap 276ssx and maybe a big jump to an Azimut 48 but that's about as big as I'll go :) 
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22 hours ago, cyclops2 said:

Too funny .    :clapsmiley:

When are the having the aishow over the Jersey beach?  I'm game to come down there all the way with the 276, cut through the Cape Cod canal into Buzzarad's bay and straight down to the Jersey shore and hook up with the famous Sir clopadopadus and watch the Blue Angels or The Thunderbirds.  Both put on a heck of  show but I must say most people are partial to the Blue Angles for sure.

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On 9/20/2020 at 5:39 PM, MontreAl said:

Jeanneau NC33 with a pair of V/P D3 diesels

They make some nice boats.  

They just delivered that Azi to my buddy.  Looking forward to getting on that thing next summer.  Supposedly it's in great condition.

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