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Chappy got broken into :((( Need Part # for Canvas

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My Sig 240 1998 got broken into at the storage facility and the idiots cut the roof off instead of un-zippering them... So Basically i would need the back Windows & Door + Some side windows , do they sell it as a kit? the only thing I could find was for a 2003 Sig 240 :

Am trying to find the part # Color Green :


2682 - - - - 201 S240 CAMPER TOP 1 EA

2682 - - - - 231 S240 CAMPER AFT CURTAIN 1 EA

2682 - - - - 221 S240 CAMPER SIDE CURTAINS 1 SET

5915 - - - - 251 SUNBRELLA STORAGE BAG 1 EA

Note: To identify canvas color selections place the color designations below into the spaces provided in the part numbers. 3000 - Diklon Navy Blue 6008 - Black 6033 - Linen

Thanks guys

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Sorry to hear about the idiots that broke into your boat. Hope they didn't cause too much damage.

You may want to go to a canvas shop and just have them make you a set. They will be able to make sure the snaps all line up to the hull versus a dealer one. Just a thought.

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Brutal; sorry to hear that news. Almost certain Chaparral won't have that canvas available any longer. Feel your best bet is to have a local canvas shop do the work for you.

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