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160 isn't hot enough to the touch? The thermostat lets water flow through it at around 160 degrees. It closes when temp drops so your engine will run at optimum temp. It opens when temp exceeds 160, or whatever temp the thermostat is rated for. Thus it is always hot, once your engine comes up to normal operating temperature. You could test it by seeing if a few drops of fresh water turns to steam when it dropped on the thermostat. If it does, then you know the temp at that location has exceed the boiling point of 212 degrees. If you have or can borrow a infrared heat sensor, you can measure the temperature with that device anywhere on your engine.

Your picture did not appear so I don't know for sure if it is the thermostat that you are touching. It is located directly above your water recirculating pump on the top front of your engine. It has several hoses coming out of its' housing and also may have a brass threaded plug facing the front part of it.

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