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ich habe gerade eine Chaparral 276 SSX aus dem Jahre 2006 in Budapest erworben, wo sie für die Donau zugelassen war. Jetzt sehe ich allerdings, dass ich keinerlei CE Konformitäts Zertifikat in den Händen habe und die Kommunikation mit dem Ungarischen Verkäufer ist sagen wir mal bescheiden.

Kann mir einer von euch vielleicht helfen, wie ich ein CE Zertifikat bekommen kann, ohne den Germanischen Lloyd dafür zu bemühen?

Vielen Dank und liebe Grüße aus Wien,

Alexander Kollin

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Here is a robotranslation:


I just did a Chaparral 276 SSX acquired from 2006 in Budapest, where she was admitted to the Danube. Now I see , however , that I have no CE certificate of conformity in the hands and the communication with the Hungarian seller is let's say modest.

Can anyone one of you might help as I can get a CE certificate , without troubling Germanischer Lloyd for it?

Thank you and best regards from Vienna ,

Alexander Kollin

Your best source of info is your local Chaparral dealer, or any Chap dealer located in EU. These days, the boats manufactured for export to EU must comply with EU regulations and have CE certification. Sounds like your boat was imported to Hungry in or after 2006 ... anybody's guess what were the requirements then, and there, and who and how imported it. You can also try to contact Chaparral Boats directly to point you in the right direction.

FWIW, here is some more info (in English) about what's involved in prepping a US based boat for import to EU and the CE certification process ... http://boatshippingusa.com/ce-certification/ ... they might be able to help you as well.

Good luck!

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