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?battery diagram or schematic 2011 Sunesta 264

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Anybody have a diagram/pic of the 2 battery setup connections for a 2011 Sunesta 264. (8.2 Merc engine)..

Seems there is some confusion on what is battery # 1 and #2 and what connections go where...

Thanks...trying to get this beast in the water


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Hummm, not sure what the confusion is but I'll jump in and maybe we can find out. Usually battery #1 is the start (or primary battery).. Both batteries (+) have a red cable that go to the battery switch. One connects to the #1 contact and the other connects to the #2 contact. A red cable comes out of the battery switch © and goes to the starter on the motor.

A Black or yellow cable will connect the two battery (-) posts together and then go to the motor where it will connect to the block of the engine as a ground (-)

Now that being said we don't have any information about your system. This is a generalization. It could have a VSR system or some similar arrangement for charging two batteries., But this is the basic Battery arrangement.

It could also have another smaller red wire for the Trim pump.

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If the 2nd battery is factory, it will have a VSR - voltage sensitive relay. With this particular set up, it's important that you get the starting battery to be in the # 1 position.

The reason for this is that when the battery switch is in # 1 position, the VSR will allow both # 1 and # 2 batteries to be charged off the alternator as required, but will only allow the # 2 battery to charge off the alternator when the battery switch is in the # 2 position. (if memory serves)

Step 1. The easiest way for a layman to find out which positive (+) battery cable is for # 1 or # 2 is to connect all the negative cables to each battery. (all yellows, with 1 black cable for the power trim) i.e. each battery will have one large yellow - cable attached. If your boat has a short individual yellow - negative cable, use it to attach the negative posts on each battery together like in the picture below.

Step 2. Connect 1 of the large red + cables to a battery. (1 large red +, and 1 smaller red + cable for the power trim won't be connected)

Step 3. Turn the battery switch to # 2.

Step 4. Turn on the stereo (or try to) or any other accessory, turn the key switch to the 'on' position, etc.

Step 5. If you have power, then you know the 1 large red + cable attached to particular battery is for # 2. If you have no power on # 2, but you do on # 1 position, than the battery with the large red + cable attached should have your starting battery placed there.

NOTE: the small red + cable for the power trim should be attached to your # 1 battery. That way, should you have listened to the radio all day at the beach on the # 2 battery and it's now flat, you'll be able to start the engine off the # 1 battery and be able to trim the drive.

Step 6. Mark each large red + battery cable # 1 and # 2 as required for future reference.

Step 7. If required, turn the battery switch to the 'off' position, remove the battery cables, position each battery as required, and connect the battery cables. If you're good, attach all the battery cables and snug down properly.

Hope this helps.


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