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New owner - 2009 Chaparral 196 SSi

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Hello All,

I just made a move on a pre-owned 2009 Chaparral 196 SSi with under 40hrs. This is my first Chaparral and have yet to launch it. Just came out of storage and waiting for it to be summarized before launch.

I would like some thoughts on the boat - feedback on the good and bad :-)

Thank you,



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Have fun. Just bought a 2005 204 SSi a month ago - so far so good, although I already had to replace the air idle control valve (quite common I hear) and one of the sunpad struts is doing nothing in the way of support (also quite common as I read). Just looking for part numbers - hope NAPA cross references.

Pretty solid boats.


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The '09 196 SSi WT boats was nicely appointed, and VERY quick to plane out. If the boat was mine, I'd do the following unless already done:

1. install a SeaDek or factory swim pad cover kit for added grip. If you boat already has the black swim pad cover, recommend replacing it with the later style seen below:


2. Check the swim ladder and strap for water leaking in when you come off plane. Often not enough sealant installed at the factory.

Opps, just noticed the original post is from a while ago...

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2005 204 SSi

Maybe I spoke too soon. Just ran into a non-start problem and was towed off Lake Simcoe. Marina is telling me I need a fuel pump kit, which seems logical as the boat would crank forever but just would not start running. Problem is that it is under the engine requiring it to be raised or possibly taken out to do the repair, and the part is over $600 - yikes!

Anybody else out there have experience with this problem?


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