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Poor Acceleration 2003 Sunesta 223

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I recently purchased a 2003 Sunesta 223 with the 5.0 GXI Volvo-Penta motor. It has a Duoprop outdrive with 1.95:1 gear ratio pushing F5 props. I am seeing terrible acceleration times to plane. I usually run a full boat, 4 to 6 adults 2 to 4 kids and am getting planing times of 11 to 12 seconds. Pulling a 200 lbs. wakeboarder increases my plane time to 20, 21 seconds. I am constantly having to run wot just to get the boat to move. When pulling a tube, it takes a while to plane and I have to have the accelerator down when I turn, or I loose so much power, that the tube ends up being like an anchor. When I hit the holeshot, the tach reads 2700 rpm until I get on plane and then it will start climbing. I was running wot on plane at 40mph and hitting rpms of only 4200.

I do a lot of watersports and care more about holeshot acceleration than top end speed. Does anyone know why I am not getting a decent holeshot with my setup? I recently had the engine serviced and compression checked. Everything was spot on. I did replace the screen in the fuel regulator with the eclip, but experienced no additional power. Is there something the mechanics and myself might be over-looking? Would a change in props help, or am I just underpowered for my boat?

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