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My first boat: 1988 Chaparral 2300SX

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I just bought my first boat, a 1988 Chaparral 2300SX with a Mercruiser 350 Magnum.


We are redoing the interior on a boat that is mechanically sound and appears to have been well maintained. I guess time will tell!

I'm new to the forum, and hope to both learn a lot and contribute as well.

Does anyone know if there is a certain person or weight capacity specification for this boat?



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You'll love the boat. The SX line of boats is great (and in my mind the classic lines of a sport boat) and it is a good, solid boat.

Almost bought an '88 2350 SX Sport (the cuddy version cousin of yours) before I found my 2550 SX Sport. I personally like the cuddy design (just my personal taste), but the bow rider, with it's greater seating capacity, is much more functional for having the "whole crew" out.

Congratulations and enjoy her.

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Thanks guys!

DrewM3i, that is an interesting vintage catalog. Thanks for that!

It's hard to see in the pictures, but the seats were a bit cracked from age. Also , the seats were all structurally soft from the wood backing deteriorating over time. The carpet was also a bit aged and torn in places.

I'll post pictures as we progress. Carpet was the first step in the project, modern-sized cupholders were second.





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The floor was wood with a coat of fiberglass resin. The picture shows the glue being applied to the floorboard, which is used to adhere the marine carpet to the wood. The marine carpet had a rubber backing to it, much different than anything I've seen before.

We just got the individual seat cushion components back from our upholstery guy. Seat assembly is the next step!

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Hi all new here. Thanks in advance for any in put ! I just purchased a low hours 1991 2300 sx with a merc 350 5.7 alpha 1. I love the boat and was a lake George fresh water boat it’s whole life. It was only used 2 weeks a year since new from original owner. I plan on putting it in the bay for the season. This is my first boat and I sent it to a marina by my house in Jersey and they went over the boat put all new upper and lower throttle cables steering cables no electrodes and zinc changed all the fluids new bellows plugs wires cap rotor. But at low speeds it’s like driving a R model Mack. It’s hard to dock because it wonders so bad at low speeds. Is there any suggestions? I have already put thousands into it and I’m getting frustrated. When the boat is on the trailer you can move the drive side to side pretty easily and more than I believe it should but the mechanic tells me that it’s OK? 

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