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Run to Warsaw (Lake of the Ozarks)

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Planning to make a run to the Truman Dam (MM92) / Warsaw at the top of Lake of the Ozarks. I've never been past about MM40 or so.

I assume the lake gets shallower the further one gets, just like the main arms (and any cove for that matter). I've checked out the charts on Navionics Boating--it doesn't seem like depth will be a problem, so long as I stick to the center channel where appropriate. I do see several areas marked "Flooded Timber" (typically off to the sides), which doesn't sound like fun....

So, for anyone who's done this before:

  1. Am I making a mistake?
  2. Any rule-of-thumb MM where I need to stop thinking "wide open / deep lake" and start thinking "I'm on a river with submerged hazards"?
  3. Any significant obstructions or other hazards I need to know about that may NOT be on the chart?
  4. I'm struggling to find specifics on docking at Warsaw, beyond the fact that there are some municipal slips. Any more info?
  5. Lastly, recommendations for where to spend the night in Warsaw, specific things to do, etc? How about stops along the way? I figure Big Dick's Halfway Inn (MM47) is a mandatory stop, if only for the T-shirt--but I've never been that far up the lake, so I don't know what else to consider.....

Thanks for any tips/advice/info!!

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Never been all the way to Warsaw - only up to around the 65mm for us in the boat. Starts getting pretty shallow at that point. My son & friends have been up to the 80mm on the waverunners with a stop at Bucknaked Restaurant for lunch. If you don't get the info you need here go to a local LOTO site (Midwestboatparty.com) and there are several on that site that have done the trip. Look up the thread "Lake record dam 2 dam". That documents a round trip from Bagnell to Truman to Bagnell dam last year that they covered the 188 miles in 2 1/2 hours averaging 75 mph. Lots of good info in that thread.

As far as restaurants, definitelty stop at BD's at the 47mm. Some others are the Red Fox @ 50mm, Moonies @ 60mm, Possum Holler @ 61mm and Bucknaked at 76mm (?). If you do the trip be sure to take your banjo and post up some pic's as well.

Good luck!



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Thanks for the info, Steve!

I'll look into all that. Re the link to Midwestboatparty, I'm evidently not smart enough to register for the site (required to search), since it keeps crashing on me / telling me I have not filled in a required filed (despite every field being filled in).... <*sigh*>.....

Anyway, I can't find the thread you mention--could I talk you into a link, or a pointer for which forum it's in...? Thanks!

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