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Signature 276 - Exhaust Bellows volvo penta dps

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Inspection is the key. Every three years or 300 hours the drive should be pulled to check the engine alignment. While removed, a good bellows inspection is possible and you can do a real hands on for the gimbel bearing, engine coupler splines, and u-joints. An exhaust bellows failure is non-critical. If the shift bellows fails then you should expect to have to replace the lower shift cable as a minimum. Drive shaft bellows would cost you a gimbel bearing and both u-joints if they laid in the water for very long. If the out drive input shaft seals fails, then the drive upper case bearings, cone clutches, and gearing are at risk so you wold never want that seal to sit in water for too long. Yes, as your drive shaft passes through the bellows, the drive needs to be removed and the gimble pivot freed. The choice never changes, maintain or repair. W

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I did mine myself this past spring. It's really not hard to pull the drive and replace the bellows and service anything back there that needs it providing you have the facilities to work on it. Being that your boat is going on ten years old, I would do it or have it done if I were you. Just good preventative maintenance.

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