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Signature 276 drain plug

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I would suggest keeping the original holes as long as you still get good screw bite. I would use 3M 5200 liberally in the holes and behind the brass outer ring. Before you try anything I would make sure that you cannot get the plug out. I cant imagine it sealing itself closed under normal use.

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Ask Cecil w hen you order. Have some pictures for them to see. Any chance last person cross threaded the plug into the hole ?

Or a dumb gorilla pulled it too tight. Not sure ? Pay some marina.

What the hellllll is wrong with mechanics ????? Worst case ? There is all of 10 pounds of pressure there. And a bilge pump if it weeps a little each week.

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Does your brass thru-hull gar-board drain have a bonding wire attached? If so, then that one screw is not a simple screw, but is actually a machine screw with a washer and nut on the inside. Depending on the size of the boat, and whether or not it has shore power options, some are bonded and some are not. If it were mine, I'd center drill the existing plug, and very carefully drill sequentially bigger holes until I could collapse the plug in on itself. Clean the old threads with a 1/2" NPTM pipe tap, and install a new brass plug (1/2" NPT) with Teflon tape. Don't know where you are or what boat you have, but if you are local to Upper Eastern Shore Md., I'd be happy to do it for you. W

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