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New to Chaparral Simcoe lake

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Hi all

Just went to see a nice 2013 chaparral 330 signature. We saw the brand new 2016 at the Toronto boat show but out of budget new!!!

This one looks really nice with the layout of the 2016. Any thoughts on that boat? What should we pay attention to? Should I do a survey on this 2013?

The boat will come from Ottawa, any ideas where I could launch it at delivery date? My marina is asking a little bit less that $1000 to launch this one and haul the trade!

Finally last but not least: the bbq :) we do not have one but would like the same than the one on the 2016. On the right side of the swim platform, and the stand post hook on the side, not on the swim platform. Any ideas where I could get those?

Thank you very much!


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