H2O 18' or 19'?

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Although I am a new owner as well I would not recommend the 18' or the 3.0L. This is what we just purchased. It is perfect for my wife and I, but would not be comfortable for more than 2 people in my opinion. With just the two of us we have enough room to get up and move around, change seats, move gear, etc without any issues. But with that small a boat and the power of the 3.0L if you move much weight it really tells on the boats performance. I don't think you would be happy with that many people on board the smaller boat.

That said we LOVE ours. but is only she and I.

Going boating, She is asking me why I'm on the computer while she is loading our drinks and snacks into the boat. See You Guys Later.


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Took her to Lake Winnipesaukee this past weekend and experienced 3'-4' waves. She handled better than I expected. Just kept it at about 18 mph and kept the bow up high. Did get soaked with the spray from the bow. I do have to admit I am already getting two foot itis and looking at the Sunestas. 

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