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Add new cockpit refridgerator

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I have a 2012 Signature 310 that doesn't have a cockpit refrigerator. I want to add one and do it myself. The refrigerator that normally comes with the boat is an isotherm 42 AC/DC. I have talked to my dealer who called chaparral and they say that they are pre-wire for the refridge. All the answers I have gotten from the dealer regarding the connections required are very vague. I hate to spend all that money if this is a  project that beyond my ability. Can anyone tell me what kind of connection Chaparral has for their refrigerator. In the compartment it looks to have a 4 or 6 prong plug but i'm not sure if that is for the refrigerator.


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It's wired to both DC and AC.  The AC goes directly to a circuit breaker and the DC goes to your battery via a fuse at the battery switches. 

Check out the wiring diagram on the manual.  


I personally do not care for the frige since I don't have a generator.  And I don't overnight where there is a plug to hook up too.  I'd rather have the space to put a Yeti cooler in there instead.  I still end up packing a cooler that fits under the cushions in the cuddy.  But a cooler out door would make it easier to get food and beverages out as well.  

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