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Idler pulley whine

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I am having a high pitch whine from the engine compartment between 10 mph and 30 mph. I have been told it's the idler pulley and is a common issue. Anyone else have this issue and if so are there aftermarket replacement parts that can keep this issue from coming up again. 


Engine is 496. 



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I would confirm it's the idler pulley, I'm not sure how common of an issue, mine is 19 years old and I still have the original pulley.  I thought about replacing it due to age, but when I asked about it at the shop where I get some  parts,  he told me he has only replaced 2 or 3 in the last 15 years .  I would pull the belt off and spin the idler and accessory pulleys and make sure they  turn free with no bind or excessive run out.  The water pump will have a little resistance, but should turn free and true.  Power steering pumps can get a whine as well, make sure your PS fluid is within operating range.

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Thanks. I looked up the post and I'm not sure it fits with my issue. The problem in the fuel pump post seems to be a constant from start. I have no noise below 10 mph or above 30 but I'll check it anyway. I'm happy to fix whatever I just need to find it. 


Safe boating. 

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