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Prop comparison on my 29' open bow with 496 and bravo 3

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8.1 with b3 drive. Painted bottom.
had several sets so I tried each one to see how they compare.

3x3 26p OEM props with 'L" option
hole shot is fine, smooth. Mid range is acceptable. WOT is 4400 at a speed of 45. 30 mph is 3200 and a fuel burn of 13.0

4x3 26p Mercruiser props
nice hole shot, bow lifts a little more than the 3x3. Very smooth and quick to 3000 rpm. Almost feels like it is slipping with how quickly it gets to 3000 but I don't think it is. Mid range is strong. WOT is 4550 at a speed of 46-47 or so. 30 mph is 3200 with a fuel burn of 12.2 

Hill marine 4x4 24p
explosive holeshot. Quick to plane with little bow rise. Amazing mid range. WOT is 4650 but the top speed was around 43 or so. 30 mph is 3400 at a fuel burn of 14.1. Slight vibration at low rpm maybe.

Hill marine 4x4 26p
strong hole shot with minimal bow rise. Reasonably quick to plane. Nice mid range punch. WOT was 4300 or so at a speed of 46. 30 mph is 2900 rpm at a fuel burn of 12.6 
this set had a bit of vibration at 900-1300 rpm if the drive was down all the way. Might be an out of balance set, or cup not even on all blades, not sure.

4x3 Merc XR props 25P
nice hole shot, strong. Minimal bow lift. Quick to plane. Nice mid range punch. WOT was 4500 at a speed of 42 or so. 30 mph was 3300 rpm at a fuel burn of 13.5. This set also had what felt like a small vibration at low rpm.

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I talked to I believe it was Sean at Merc racing this week as I wanted to try a set of Bravo 3 XR 24 props on my 230. He said these props will not work well on our smaller Chaps. They were designed to be used on 35-40' cruisers that would normally have inboards but were outfitted with twin Bravo 3's. My best bet would be to stick with my stock 26 props. No prob as I already have a set. 

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