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bravo 3 pitting

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Hi not new to boating but i have been out of the game for a bit. i bought a beautiful 2004 265 ssi w/8.1 bravo 3. i keep it in fresh water about four months a year. My question is the out drive is pitting real bad. i checked to see if there was any current by my dock and i could not find any. no power any where. it has new anodes. i cant find any place to buy the lower half. is there a way to restore my bottom section. can someone find me a place that can do that kind of work, i live in GA and the boat is in lanier.  thanks in advance Richie.

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Common to those earlier bravo3's. Nothing you can do to stop it either. If it's only fingernail sized chips and has not gotten down around the seal area you can live with it. That or opt for a whole new drive. eBay . Likely the transom assembly has some corrosion to.

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