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Leaking boat

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We have tried everything but cannot find the source of the problem.

The boat is a 2006 Ebbtide with Volvo penta drive.  Bilge seems dry when running but water slowly creeps in. The source cannot be seen. The usual suspects have been checked.  At my wits end.  Any help would be appreciated 

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Have a HOT ENGINE hose or gasket that only leaks when engine is fully warmed up ?  Can be checked sometimes with engine cover upin neutral & 4000 rpms at the dock. Burns are POSSIBLE to people  !!   Careful.

Or the water comes in when the engine is fully cooled down ?

After a rain ?


Windows leak?   Wet people coming on & off the boat

Seam under the rub rail is leaking?


Age of the boat ?     Always leaked & now it is serious ?


Worse of all.   Some of several of the above. A tired and neglected boat.

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Any hose connected to a outside of the hull fitting.   Hull bruise that does not look that bad. 

LOADS of leaks

If in salt water. Does the water taste salty.

Not a endless list.  Water tank or hose when water is used

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