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New to the group. First time Chappie

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Hey guys. I just purchased a 87 chaparral. 187 XL. With a 170 mercruisee. I've owned a few I/o before. I was just curious if there are any common issues with this boat. Or things I should look out for. Motor runs . Needs bellows replaced . Haven't had on the water yet. Just going to tinker thru winter then float her in the spring. Thanks guys and happy boating. 

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It is a 30 year old boat.  The fact that it is still running is good news, it means someone must have taken care of it.  I wouldn't do to much till you have tried it out next season, maybe most systems are ok and if it ain't broke don't fool with it.

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Hi new Chappy owner here,

Purchase a 2008 Sig 290 last fall, noticed the speedometer is not working. Previous owner said it may be the tube needs cleaning?? not sure what or where this would be.

Can anyone point me in the right direction

4.3 Volvo Penta drives


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