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New owner of 2016 Suncoast 230

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Pulled the trigger on a 2016 Suncoast 230 with Yamaha 200 and couldn't be happier.  Thanks to all the forum members here for their inputs as it makes a big difference in researching such a large purchase.  That being said, there is very little on the new Suncoast line.  If anyone is considering one, feel free to contact me.  The test drive between a SC 210 Ski/Fish and SC 230 made the final decision for us as the base 150 on the SC 210 felt sluggish compared to the SC 230 w/200.  We have 14 hours and the Yamaha performance data is spot-on.  Holeshot is more than adequate and she is able to attain 45mph with a light chop having 4 adults/1 teen/2 kids on board @6000RPM.  Have not tested any watersports yet as it's still 60 degree water temps in north FL, but power should not be an issue.  Additionally, shallow water performance is outstanding for such a large boat.  Dual boarding ladders and fresh water showers are really great for sandbar/island hopping.  Enjoy being part of the Chaparral community again (previously owned 2007 190 SSi).  Cheers




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we are looking at the suncoast 230 and were really excited about it until several boaters advised that we should upgrade to the 250 yamaha or will regret it.   CoastalG8r, how do you feel about the 200hp?   Have you tried any water sports yet?    Any advice will help.  Thank

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If you can afford the biggest engine the hull allows, sure...that's the same advice I heard as well.  However, the SC 230 w/200hp has plenty of motor for the boat with great $$ savings.  No water sports yet, but it will have no problems.  Our family skis, wakeboards, and tubes; so power was a must.  Nearing 20 hours and just a couple of weeks ago, had a full 70 gallon tank, full water tank, and 4 adults with 3 kids including a teenager out for ride.  We were all sitting behind the windscreen for wind protection and it was able to plane just fine in around 6 seconds or so.  Normally she's up in about 4 with just our family and lighter fuel load.  Additionally, we still hit 44mph at 6000 RPM (20 gph) with a light-moderate chop.  Completely dry ride as well.  

Couldn't recommend this boat enough right now (knocking wood) as it is really well designed with a great, quiet motor that allows conversation while cruising at 30mph sipping under 8 gph.  Let me know of any other questions, best of luck.


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We have the same boat, completely satisfied, 110 hrs.  We bought 2 hanging clear plastic ( shoe?) organizers from Walmart and trimmed the length to hang  from the towel bar in the head compartment. Works very well for all of your small items. Getting the same performance as you and for the shallow gulf beaches the outboard works great. As much as we like it we may sell and move to a cabin boat...



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