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Anyone have any problems with their 327 SSX wiring?

I have a 2012 327 SSX and the repair guys say their was an electrical fire which fused and burned up the wiring and wiring harness.

Anyone have a similar issues with their electrical system on a 327 SSX?



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Knock wood, never had that issue or heard of it with a 327.  Any reason given as to how it might of happened?  Other than the dreaded gear oil alarm on the ocean X's and some joy stick issues mine has been trouble free.  Volvo and the dealer replaced the joystick a year ago which fixed that and the starboard drive at the end of last season which will hopefully fix the alarm.  Both Volvo and my dealer have been great at addressing problems.

Real sorry to hear about your electrical problem, can the affected area be cut out then replace the bad sections of wiring?  This is of coarse after you address the cause.  Harness replacements are not cheap if its anything like auto.  Had harness problems with 3 of my trucks, after pricing replacement harnesses, I just cut into them and soldered new sections of wire for each effected wire.  Don't no if that would be possible in your case or not.  Good Luck!


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