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Cockpit cover for 2003 Sunesta 223

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I'm looking for a black OEM replacement cockpit cover for a 2003 Sunesta 223. I believe the original was Taylor Made and the part number is 59690008061. Any suggestions for an online store? Thanks.

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My suggestion is to have a canvas shop make one. If you could find one the snaps would have to be installed. 

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Regardless of whether you go with an OEM or aftermarket cover, highly recommend installing a Boat Vent pole support instead of the standard snap and dome for the support pole(s). Gives a lot more support,and allows the cover to breathe better.


Image result for boat vent


Q: I have a Taylor Made boat cover with snaps that was original to my boat. Can you make a replacement for me?

A: Thank you for contacting Taylor Made Products. Our sister Company, Taylor Made Systems is the manufacturer of original equipment canvas. Their headquarters are located in upstate New York :

Phone: 518-773-0636
Fax: 518-773-2919
Email: tms@taylormarine.com
Web: www.taylormarine.com

Generally, Regal and Chaparrel canvas is manufactured in Tifton, GA - Tel: 229-387-0492 Fax: 229-387-6396.

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