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1999 chaparral 2835 dual tachometer

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I am in need of a new dual tachometer to avoid having to rewire and re-gauge my entire dash with analogs.  it is medallion part #6705-05003-01. joe at cecil marine doesn't carry these anymore. he pointed me to medallion, who made this tach and oddly enough, they are right down the road from me. unfortunately they stopped making them in 2013. does anybody know how these can be repaired or does anybody have one of these stashed away that they are willing to sell me?




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man, I really need one of these also and one of the 4 in 1 gauges too! did you ever figure out any solution?

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I ended up getting all new gauges from great lakes skipper. I went with the white kronos series. I was able to find a dual tach similar to the stock gauge that had RPM for both stbd and port engines all in one gauge (model TCC054a), however I couldn't find a similar 4n1 with trim,oil,volt and temp all in one gauge like the original stock version. I was however able to find a 2n1 that had oil and temp for both engines all in one gauge. then I just needed separate trim and volt gauges for each motor along with a new fuel gauge and speedo to match the others. unfortunately, this required all new wiring and a new dash panel to accept the new gauge sizes and positions.  it wasn't that hard of a project, doesn't require any special tools. hardest part is fishing the wires from the motor to the dash. 



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