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New boat and things I've already learned

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On 5/23/2017 at 7:26 PM, cyclops2 said:

Is it now MANDATORY to only do warranty service at a Chaparral dealer ?  Good grief.  Mine never went  to one.  The only service is the motor & drive. Oil, filters & check air pressure. 

Depends on the warranty service. If MerCruiser or Volvo, any certified dealer is okay. If however a person is a long way away from a Chaparral dealer, and Chaparral specific work needs to be done, such as fibreglass repairs, etc. Chaparral may allow the service to be done at another service provider if they so wish. Certainly requires pre-authorization from Chaparral, and typically an owner goes through the purchasing dealer to get that process started.

Regarding MerCruiser of Volvo warranty viability regarding annual maintenance, an owner should only have to show receipts if asked by either company of oil, filters, etc if doing the work themselves, or from a local service provider as proof that required work has been done in the past.

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