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Water Under the Cuddy cabin not draining

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We just bought a 1988 Chaparral 2350SX. When you are in the Cuddy Cabin you can see standing water in the drain on the floor and it will overflow on to the carpet. The only way we can get the water out is to siphon it. We have thought of using a plumbing snake to see if there is a clog, but can't find the actual drain hole to stick the snake into. Any suggestions on what to do? Is there a pump that may not be working? Getting frustrated any suggestions will greatly be appreciated.

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I had a similar issue with my 235SSI. I used a compressor with a thin tube blow nozzle attachment and a garden hose to blow clean water through the drain. Had quite a lot of muck come out the other end of the drain which drained into the bilge. From what I could tell these drains are relatively small and do not have a smooth interior thus prone to collecting dirt.   

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