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I'm not familiar with your boat layout, are you referring to the anchor locker or another storage locker. Generally every locker I've ever seen has had some means of drainage. Some drain overboard and some back to the bilge. There should be a hole or channel at the very bottom, lowest point of the compartment.

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I agree

it is the storage compartment behind the anchor locker, I have poked and looked in every inch and have found no hole or drain to remove the water, the whole area is carpeted

this is a large area and it holds a lot of water

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I assume you have pulled up the carpet and checked underneath?  Now they are putting rubber mats down there as they do not retain the moisture. I would suggest doing this as the carpet will never dry, then you get mold and mildew.

Again, I have never seen your boat, but I think there should be a drain to the bilge in the very rear bottom of that compartment. Hopefully someone on here has a similar boat and can tell you what is in their boat. Perhaps yours was not drilled?

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