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Adobe pdf's of Boat Technical

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You would need to contact Johnson about your motors horsepower rating. Being that the boat was switched from i/o to o we will not have any max hp numbers here. The transom was designed for use and the stresses caused by an i/o motor. So the max hp for the i/o engine would be different from what you would come up with for an o motor. Sorry but we simply will not have this data available.

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Great idea to provide specs, please include older Chaparrals also.

I need any info available on a 1989 198C ( Hull #FGBL5348L788).

my boat was at some point changed over from a inboard/outboard to a Johnson 185 Ocean Runner motor.

What is max hp rating?


Thanks for the reply to my questions.

However, could you tell me the fuel capacity of my 1989 198c (Hull #FGBL5348L788)?

Also, can you reccomend a dealer close to Moultrie, GA for general maintenance?

Any information about this model would be appreciated.



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Adobe pdf's of Boat Specifications.



The scanner ate '97, DOH! Hope to have another one sometime next week. :P

1998 & 1999







Just wanted to know how can i find out the model of my drives. i.e alpha, braveo 1 2 or 3. I had to pick up my boat this weekend after servicing and the person helping me out could not figure it out. Please advise.

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Here's the brochure page for the Fisherman 204. Doesn't appear that there was a manual made for that boat.

Fisherman 204 Brochure Page

Hello everybody, just bought a 1992 2000SL Sport w/ 5.0 Mercruiser.

Please advise how can i buy parts for this boat (ex I need the 2 black grills on the side of the boat - blower exits)

Kindly advise



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Any info on a 1992 1800 SL? I like to know what the gas tank capacity is?

1991 1800 SL fuel capacity is 20 Gallons, regardless of sterndrive or outboard powered.

Anyone know the fuel tank capacity of a 1988 or 89 198cxl ????



1989 198C XL fuel capacity is 47 Gallons.

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