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Lake Cumberland Sept 15-18

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22 hours ago, wijeff said:

Was looking at lake Cumberland at boat show . How was your time there please share with us thanks

Absolute wijeff 

 It's impossible to not have a good time at Lake Cumberland.  We go every single year, every other year we do a houseboat trip, on the off years we stay at the lodge at Jamestown marina.  I believe it is some of the clearest water in the Midwest.  There are two waterfalls that we go to a lot.  We sometimes just go cruise up the lake for 20 miles or so.  We know the lake very well   It's very deep fairly wide in many coves that you can get peace and quiet in for those awesome afternoon naps.

 I'm assuming you are from Wisconsin and I am from Central Illinois and it is a very easy tow to get to the lake.  If I can help anymore please let me know.  We are going on another houseboat trip there this June with 15 other people.  We can't wait for summer time. 

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