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Boat Alarm stays on for ~20 seconds

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Hey folks, my alarm (continious) stays on about 50% of the time after starting the engine for about 20 seconds after it cranks. Oil level is good, lower drive oil good, engine temp seems fine. I noticed the engine oil pressure gauge is about 45 when the engine starts then goes to about 60-70 when underway. My hunch is the oil sensor is malfunctioning as everything seems alright. I appreciate your thoughts. 

2005 216 sunesta, 5.0 tks engine, 210 hours

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Is it a Volvo or a Merc? What you are describing is a critical alarm as it is constant. Fluid levels, pressures, and temperatures. You have a raw water pressure sensor, engine exhaust temp (2), engine coolant temperature, out drive oil level float switch, and engine oil pressure sensor. Most common is a weak raw water pump not putting up enough pressure to satisfy the raw water pressure sensor. Next is a failing sensor itself, but the oil pressure sensor you mentioned is the least likely. The out drive oil bottle floats actually sink on occasion also but that's easy to check. A quick scan with your dealers hand held will tell the story. Good luck.  W

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