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Wet Sounds Revo 10 or Wet Sounds XS 10

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Just to make sure we are talking revo-10FA and the Revo-10HP. For all intense and purpose, the Revo-10FA and XS-10FA are very similar. Both 10", both build for an infinite-baffle application. Same power handling. They will both perform nearly identical with your available 300W. Since the XS-10FA is being retired, I would look for a nice discount on it, if a store has one in stock. The Revo 10FA has the multiple grill options, so if your new speakers are revo series, you can match their grills. 

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On 7/25/2017 at 1:44 PM, Cycleman07 said:

Went with the Wet Sounds XS-10FA.  Found a decent deal on one.   Thanks!

How do you like that Sub? I am thinking about purchasing a system I found on Amazon that has 4 XS-65i-S 6.5 a 10" XS-10FA Sub and SYN4 amp.

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