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Hey everyone, 

Looking for some advice on my Alpha one drive. It's a 2003 and i'm not sure what the previous owner did as far as maintenance. I have replace the impeller last season so I know that has been replace recently, but as far as getting deeper in the drive i'm not sure. How often are you supposed to look into changing the gimbal bearing, bellows etc? Are their any warning signs to look out for that they need to be replaced? 

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Besides the impeller, it's always good to pull the top unit and grease the u joint if not perm sealed. Replace fluid yearly and inspect magnets for shavings. When anchored, spot check the water around the outdrive for oily bubbles to potentially identify seal leaks. 

These units are pretty stout and with a little, good maintenance, you're set. 

Edit... One last addition is that once the bellows ages and cracks or the rear throttle cable starts to stick, it's probably a good time to change out both in addition to other items above.

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