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SmartCraft display freezing

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16 hours ago, Exoset said:

Yep I was talking about AIS, my SIMRAD is NMEA2K so simply plugged in the backbone as any device. I can be wrong but it is the AIS function who's allowing you to see the vessel name in your chartplotter, proximity alarm, etc... Have you adjusted the baud rates in the VHF and the Chartplotter ? I do know that you can add your buddies with their names etc, and then chat with them on private channels, but I didn't know about any sort of polling through this way.

Sounds weird about your trim, as soon as it is plugged in digital it should show up in the VV4, did you enabled it in the settings ? It is disabled by default.

Yeah the polling is a DSC function. Baud rates are correct so it will be interesting to try it out sometime. 

The old trim gauge never worked. The needle did swing When powered up to self-test but there has never been any movement when trimming. It used the digital trim to feed it so I didn’t have to switch the leads from analog. 

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