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2017 223VRX Ski Mode won't get up to speed

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I recently purchased a 223VRX with the 200hp motors.  It has the surf package and ballasts as well as upgraded medallion II screen.  I LOVE this boat with a couple of exceptions, but I am hoping there are some tricks to it.  When I have the ballasts full and any passengers in the boat, I cannot get up to speed using the "ski mode" settings.  I have the wakesurf setting at 11.5mph but it will only get to about 9.8-10 mph which is not fast enough to get an actual wake.  I set my wakeboard speed at 19.5 but the boat will not plane out and only achieves about 16 and never gives an actual wake either.  Anybody else had these problems and can give advise?  I know it is NOT an HP issue as I can manually control the throttle and run as fast as we want to.  It is hard with only 1 throttle (compared to 2 throttles on my former Yamaha boat) to make slight adjustments to the speed while towing a rider.  We are always either going too fast or too slow and back and forth.

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