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Peter Smith

Mercruiser Diesel 1.7 turbo

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I guess this has been done many times but I am trying to find some good news.

I just purchased a 205 SSe with the 1.7 diesel engine. Seems the boat was one of the last 205's to have this engine.

All I keep reading is how bad this engine was / is.

Is it the case that this power plant is really bad or don't we get to hear from the happy people.

My boat seems to have a bit of diesel bug (treating it now) but other than this the engine seems fine.

Anybody got a good word for the 1.7?


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That was not a popular engine, no matter what country you reside in.

Here is a little bit of mechanic-speak about the engine.


I've worked on a couple. This is a very light duty engine which is rated by Cummins in the recreational boating application to be a 500 hour engine (50 hours for 10 years...that's directly from the Cummins training rep at Cummins NW). That's ridiculous. And from what I've seen...you may be lucky to get 500 hours. Too much HP out of that little sucker. I've already taken apart a couple that blew holes in the tops of the pistons due to too much heat. We don't rebuild them (thank you!) because insurance just replaces them.

The "black" colored Cummins engines are actually Cummins/Mercruiser...they are actually just Mercruiser engines which Cummins has taken under partnership (Isuzu and VM engines). The white/beige engines (in the marine world) are actually Cummins engines.

Good Luck.

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