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what bow sonar?

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Hi all,

Enjoying some really good time in Georgian Bay. First time and wonder why we waited such time before doing this.

When staying in channels, all is fine. But when you want to explore, or access some special bays, you can see rocks and smell the danger.

Someone recommended us a bow sonar, to have a clear view of what is underneath when leaving the channel. Does anyone have some, did any research or have any recommendation?

We have a garmin GPSMap 721 - anything I can plug in or separate?

Thank you!


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Afraid you may be on your own with this topic. I have never heard of a sonar for a boat. I just go slow and keep watch when in the shallows.

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Isn't the old and trusted fish and/or depth finder aka transducer a sonar? Yes, it is ... it uses bouncing sound wave to identify the targets. The links to the newest forward looking sonars from Garmin and Simrad below, some other brands offer similar products as well ...



The link to older discussion ...


Plenty of demo videos on YouTube.

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The sonar..... MUST MUST .......be able to sound a depth alarm at a far enough ahead distance and angles to allow stopping or turning away from  any or a group of dangerous objects.

Not sure if any are that good.   Remember the cost if it does not work accurately

Read paper or GPS charts & drive safely.

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