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Bimini for 19 H20 Sport with Tower

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Can anyone share photos of a 19 H2O Sport with a factory installed tower and Bimini?  Preferably a model year 2013?

This summer I purchased a used 2013 H2O 19 Sport with a factory installed wakeboard tower.  I was able to track down the original manufacturer of the Bimini top (http://www.greatlakesboattop.com) and they were great at getting me the Bimini top.

Unfortunately, I have been told that Chaparral was supposed to have pre-mounted brackets for the Bimini support poles on the back and pre-drilled holes in the tower for Bimini support poles in front.  These holes were not drilled and I am after attempting to install the brackets as described in the instructions that were provided, it does not seem right.  I believe I need to move the brackets but am having a very hard time determining where to place the brackets, and I am a bit worried about drilling 5/8" holes in the tower and getting the placement wrong.

In the attached image there are two obvious problems.  

First, the front half of the Bimini just flops. This is because there is nothing for the front supports to connect to.  I have been told to drill holes in the front of the tower to receive the supports but don't want to drill anything unless I am sure I know where to drill them.

Second, the back of the Bimini top slops up like a ski jump and gets in the way of the tow line.

If anyone can share photos of how the front of the Bimini is attached, and the locations of where the back supports are mounted, that would be very much appreciated.


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I have a 2012 H2O 19 that I bought used.  Very low hours, really well kept, unfortunately no factory tower bimini top.  I have been running into walls as far as locating an oem top to add.  The dealership want too much money.  Did you actually purchase the top and frame for your boat from Great Lakes?  



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