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'02 183SS Helm Leaking At Cable

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Recently purchased a nice low hours(160) 2002 183SS. I noticed a few drops of fluid on the carpet and looked up to find the helm leaking where the steering cable comes in.  I put a ziplock bag on it to catch the leak and continued using it.  Here is what I've noticed in the couple trips I've taken it out on since buying it:

The steering wheel doesn't seem to be indexed correctly.  

It steers fine at cruising speed but doesn't seem to do as well at slow speeds(docking or trailering)

I am a serious Do It Yourselfer and would like to fix it. Do I just need to purchase the Teleflex 91523 helm and drop it in or is their a seal on the end of the cable that needs to be replaced?  I appreciate any feedback or help!!!

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If water ?

It should be a split speedometer rubber hose. or the hose is leaking at the end of it, on the speedometer.

Get lucky.

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