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Brian vdM

Wiring diagram

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I have purchased a 1992 Signature 28 a boat in excellent condition but there been a wire mite on the boat, there are batt cables pos & neg that are hanging free and all sorts of wires that have been disconnected and left hanging.I do have a severe ground fault that happened while traveling from home to the lake, my leg tilt on both drives do not work and my gas gauge, wiper,and deck lights will notwork now. so my question is there anyone that has a wiring schematic that I could purchase for my boat, I have gone through several dealers to obtain a schematic and the answer is the same (Chaparral Boats do not keep records of boats that old)

Can somebody please help??????? even a newer 90's model would help

Thanks in advance


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Hello Bt Doctur

Yes! I checked all the lights before leaving home as I was living on board for the month of Aug on Carp Lake. The leg tilt was the only electrical component that did not work but I was not to concerned about it as I had the better part of 12" clearance on the legs, the leg trim worked though, can't remember checking the fuel gauge before leaving but it worked when I went for the sea trials this I remember.

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