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Safe running RPM's for my 2003 Volvo Penta 5 litre

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First time contributor here - Recently bought a 2003 Chaparral Sunesta 210 deck boat from a private owner and am seeking info on safe cruising and max RPM speeds for my Volvo Penta 5 litre engine.  Looked in the Chaparral Owners Guides but nothing pertains to that issue.  Anybody out there that has knowledge of the Penta that could give me some input on safe and acceptable RPM's while cruising?  Many thanks,  MrT

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The WOT range is 4600 to 5000RPM. You want to prop for the high end of the range. 

Typical cruise is 3000 to 3500RPM. You can run all day like this. 


Goggle Volvo, not Chapparal for motor related issues  


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