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Warranty Run-Around

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Hoping someone out there may have a direct line to a Chaparral representative in New York.

Earlier this Spring, May specifically, I took delivery on a new 2017 227 SSX from our local dealer in New York. The boat was delivered with 3 hrs on it. On my first trip to the lake, w/ 4 hours on it, a passenger pointed out a small tear in the vinyl that surrounds the metal frame on the cushion that lifts and allows access to the swim platform. It was and still is a small tear that has been caused by the metal framing. I have reached out to the dealer, specifically the three people that assisted with the sale. They are all very slow to respond, if ever. I have recently asked for the alleged warranty claim number so I can deal with Chaparral directly and they cannot or will not produce any evidence that they submitted ANYTHING to Chaparral for approval or consideration. The continue to ignore my requests but I will not stop even if I it causes money out of pocket to hire a lawyer.

Interesting though, I recently looked at the 2018 cushion / frame design and its clear that Chaparral had identified it as a problem because the frame has been altered. The 2018 frame has an added welded tab that adds support to the cushion, preventing the frame from tearing the vinyl.

Given the opportunity I would like to send the photo evidence along with all the supporting emails to someone that can help. The level of customer service I have been submitted to is atrocious. If anyone out there has a direct contact for a Chaparral rep in New York it would help tremendously.

Please help !

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You'll have to contact Chaparral corporate and work with them to see if they will contact your dealer regarding your issue.  Usually they work with dealers only but I know of special circumstances where they will contact your existing dealer for you on your problem.  Certainly hope you get it sorted out and a dealer that sucks definitely makes the whole new boat experience horrible. 

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