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Dashboard and switch layout

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From left to right, the 5 gang switch panel should be wired like this:

Bilge - Horn - Nav/Anchor Light - Courtesy Lights  - Accessory


Bilge is single throw - It's possible that your bilge pump is so quiet you won't hear it running with the switch on, you'll have to put your hand on the pump to verify it's working (or put water in the bilge and pump it out I suppose)

Horn is momentary on - self explanatory. The horn is under the dash in front of the captains chair

Nav Anchor is double throw - when depressed UP, the green/red nav lights should come on, as should the mast light, if installed, at the rear  and the gauge lights. when pushed down, just the gauge lights come on .

Courtesy is single throw - turns on the lights down each side of the interior. 

Accessory is single throw - my radio is tied to this switch but I don't the factory did that originally.

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