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Chaparral designed that cutout to fit early Garmin 500 series chartplotters and chartplotter sounders with the optional flush mount kit including (for North America at least) the 520,520s, 525, 525s, 530, 535s, 540, 540s, and 545s. 'S' versions of course indicate that particular Garmin GPS chartplotter is a 'Sounder' version that can easily accept a Garmin transducer to give water depth and temperature. Then Garmin came out with faster processor models. 521,521s, 526, 526s, 531, 536s, 541, and 546s, Models for these series ending in '6' had the greater pixel clarity. These also fitted the slot.

These are all discontinued and were replaced by the 527, 527xs, and 547, and 547xs, which may also be discontinued now. These did not use the same optional flush mount kit and DO NOT fit without some modifications. I installed a 547XS and you can read about the issue in a lengthy post here:

My install is further down in the post here:

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I had a Raymarine Dragonfly-5 installed on my 196SSI earlier this year and it's a great fit. Buttons are on the bottom instead of on the side like Garmin. 

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