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Bt Doctur

Volvo to Mercruiser raw water pump conversion

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Just completed a conversion  and all went well. the crank mounted pumps just kept spring water leaks at the seals.

pics and instructions included

  Finally Complete, all spacers will be machined from 3/4 round stock , 1 inch hose couplings/joiners/ splice .(3) , 6 hose clamps,
Dayco hose 71596 , original thermostat hose to pump is reversed and given a slight twist to join. From the original raw water inlet hose at the pump cut off the 1 1/4 end so its 3 inches long and save, (pic 1)cut off the 90 deg bend and discard, shorten the raw water inlet hose at #6 spark plug by removing 8 1/4 inches, and use hose splice to join and clamp.Install and clamp Dayco hose , install original thermostat hose reversed and join to Dayco hose with joiner/splice and clamp. Not shown is a ty-wrap holding the Dayco hose in place.,5th pic.
raw water pump pully alum 52822T, steel 73798A1, engine mounted pully 90081T1, pump bracket 89535T









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all figured out except to the raw water to the T housing..Final length of the spacers is 1 3/4 to be machined from round stock. lower adjusting bracket for the PS was lengthened 1-1/6 with plates welded on both sides. Actual length was 1 /1/8 but left is short a bit. Easier to add 2 washers than to cthe welds and shorten it.Short water circ pump bolt removed and a 3 1/2 inch bolt installed. Belt alignment is perfect and a 37.5 inch belt used with good adjustment range
Some preliminary pics

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