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Swim platform for 2000 196ssi

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19 hours ago, ianp811@yahoo.com said:

Any recommendations?   Hard to DIY?   Kids need reminded every two minutes to jump off to the sides.  

Contact Cecil Marine and see if the factory ESP for a 204 SSi is still available. 196/200 SSi used the same hull as the 2004-2008 204 SSi. I put a factory ESP on my 2001 186 SSi along with the correct SeaDek kit, and IMHO, getting both is well worth the cost and time. So much safer and easier to get on the off the boat from both the dock and from the water. SeaDek offers equal parts grip and comfort without getting hot on the feet.

With the factory ESP, the boarding ladder is also mounted on the STBD side, so I installed a Chaparral 16" oval grab rail like the factory did on those boats when the ESP was option was ordered with the boat.

Factory ESP will take your boats length overall from 19'' 4" to 21' 4"

Do a search for instructions on how to install an esp; lots of posts on the forum, but probably short on pictures from changes made by photobucket. Say 5 hours for 2 people and gear. NOTE: no instructions come with the factory ESP kit. Hardware is included though.


Image result for chaparral 186 ssi extended swim platform

Image result for chaparral 186 ssi esp


So far as I can tell for SeaDek, they want 2 kits ordered; 1 for the optional factory ESP, and 1 for the integrated swim platform.


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I know the picture below is of a 210 SSi, and that the factory ESP for your particular model is a little deeper and wider, but it gives you an idea of what the project could look like.

NOTE: SeaDek now offers 3 different colours together as a option instead of the standard 2 colours of previous years. i.e. black, blue and brown. Wish I had my picture to show you as it looked sharp.


Hope this helps.


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Swimplatforms.com.  We did one for our 2835 SE Limited and it is KILLER!  A real "back porch" for your boat.  Sit closer to the water, MUCH better ladder, great grips for climbing!  Next for us is a grill post mount and the Swim Platform will be out outdoor kitchen!

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I added the Chap OEM platform (purchased from Sheperd) on my 2001 216SSi.  Best addition I ever made to a boat.  

I had better picts of the full install but photobucket lost all that...   

My 2001 216 is on the right and friends 2006 220 on the left.  



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8 hours ago, NJ Chaparral Dealer said:

Chaparral has stopped producing all extended platforms.

So swimplatforms.com will now be your only option.

Ahhhh, feared this day would come. Too bad. Guess companies like swimplatforms.com will get a little more business, so not a total loss.

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