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For sometime now my 2008 244 Sunsetta stop registering the depth on the in dash gages. I'm hoping to fix this over the down season now that the boat is out of the water.  Before i start replacing everything out I was wondering if there any troubling shooting steps i can carry out to isolate the issue, or can i test depth while the boat is on bocks.  Here is way i see,

1.  The in dash depth gage is not showing up when i flip through, in the past when is was there it registered  0" 

2.) Garmin 540 is not registering any water depth 

Thanks for you help !

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Is your boat equipped with the all in one smart gauge? If so make sure that it is programmed to read/ display the depth. That one gauge can display a number of readings but will only show you what it is programmed to. There is a gauge programming chart on this site somewhere. The Garmin will not read unless it is wired to a transducer and I think it must be a separate one.

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