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O2 Sensor Problems?

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My brothers Malibu dealer has charged him $6k and counting to repair the engine on his 2015 247 LSV and blaming it on the, "Obama mandated O2 sensors" which they say were never intended to be around water?

I'm not interested in the political aspect here, just whether there really are serious issues with O2 sensors in marine engines as the reason and the costs just seems crazy to me.


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Sounds like a BS reason to me.  Crawl underneath any car or truck made in the last 30 years and check out the O2 sensors.  They are way more exposed to water and salt spray under a car than they are in the engine compartment of a boat.  

Its hard to comment on the cost though without knowing what work was done, and what parts were needed.  With that price tag, and blaming the O2 sensors, I would have to assume that the repairs involved the catalytic converters.  There's the potential for some pretty steep parts bills there.  

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