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Hey guys  - 


Reasonably new boat owner here (2nd year).  Last year the boat was in dry stack all winter.  This year, I've upgraded to a covered wet slip on Lake Martin.  I have power on the dock, etc.  I drive a Chaparral 227SSX.  

I was considering a bilge heater, but not sure if I realllly needed it.  Lake Martin water temp won't go below 32, and the boat is an I/O.  So, that means it should have conductive heating of the engine from sitting in the water all the time.  I am thinking that unless the Lake had a long stretch of sub-freezing weather, the boat should be ok?

Should I drain whatever I can off the block into the bilge anyway after use?  Is this something I even need to worry about?  Last week, water temp on Martin was 65 degrees.




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I'm also a new chap. boat owner (246SSI). I keep mine at a marina at Lake Lanier.  I'm probably overly cautious, however,  I bought an "xtreme" bilge heater. I think they are $325 for the smaller 300 watt model. It gives me peace of mind in the event of an "unnatural" freeze in the southeast. I'm in Georgia so not quite as cold as the Carolinas but never the less I went ahead and bought some "insurance" !


Atlanta, Ga

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Now don't laugh, some of the old timers would say. Use a 100 watt light bulb. That would keep the temp up a few degrees and less chance of anything going wrong.

Do I believe it, well to a point.   

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